Can Your Electrical Panel Handle Your Energy Needs?

We offer electrical panel upgrades in Orlando and Pine Hills, FL

Your electrical panel is the power hub of your property- if it isn't up to the task, it can cause serious issues around your home. Don't put yourself or your property at risk-reach out to Boom Construction Services, LLC for electrical services. We provide panel upgrades for homeowners in Orlando, FL.

A faulty electrical panel can cause a house fire. Don't take any chances. Call us now to schedule electrical services in Orlando and Pine Hills, FL.

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3 warning signs that you need a new electrical panel

Are you unsure if your electrical panel is outdated? There are some telltale signs yours is on the fritz. You may need an electrical panel upgrade if...

  1. Your appliances aren't working correctly
  2. Your panel has visible corrosion
  3. Your lights dim or flicker constantly

Another big sign is that there's a strange smell coming from your electrical panel. This could mean it's at risk of catching fire soon. Electrical panel upgrades keep you safe and your household running smoothly, so if you notice these signs, make an appointment with us.