fan installation orlando fl

Beat the Heat This Summer

Circulate air with a fan installation in Orlando or Pine Hills, FL

Florida is famous for hot summers. Cranking up your air conditioner can help, but it's also expensive. Ceiling fans are an eco-friendly and affordable alternative.

That's why Boom Construction Services, LLC provides fan installation services in Orlando and Pine Hills,Florida. A highly skilled electrician from our team can help you decide amongst fans with three, four, five or eight blades, depending on your room size and cooling needs. We'll then provide efficient installation service.

Not sure if a ceiling fan is right for your space? Ask a knowledgeable electrician now by calling 407-451-5744.

Cool your home with ease

Are you sick of stuffy, warm air filling your home? You can mix things up with a ceiling fan installation. Many people add ceiling fans to their spaces because they're:

  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Easily installed
  • Easily cleaned
  • Perfect for both summer and winter

They also don't take up floor space like many portable AC units. Discover more benefits of ceiling fans today by speaking with the pros at Boom Construction Services in Orlando and Pine Hills,Florida.